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New Kettel album: out now!

Ibb and Obb is a co-op platform game for Playstation Network and PC developed by Sparpweed and Codeglue. The game music has been scored by Kettel. The complete score turned out so extensive and unique - I think it is Kettel's biggest project in terms of time and effort - that the situational in-game music was reworked to an album for release on CD and digital formats. The result is a definitive must-have/download for all Kettel aficionados and fans of the game.
Pre-order and information here

News & Blog Updates

February 1:

As from today all listed prices of CDs, vinyl and merchandise include shipping costs.

kettelgoldbergFebruary 10:

For the pianista among you here’s sheet music of “My Goldberg Variation” of Kettel’s latest album, t… (more)

when-can-front-photoDecember 1:

One of our fans made a wonderful video for When Can’s last track ‘Canned Forever’. Apparently put to… (more)

Merchandise in store

We have added new merchandise to our shop. New When Can, Kettel and Sending Orbs apparel is available now and ships with your pre-order.

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